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I’m dedicated to providing top-level technical support to anyone and everyone, no problem too small or too difficult. I will commit myself to helping you to my fullest and guarantee you will be satisfied. Read on for examples of the services I provide.

Technical Support

Free Support

That’s right! I offer absolutely free support to anyone with a technical problem or question. Skip the call centers and go straight to an expert! I will happily assist you with as much as I can via phone, text, or facebook free of charge.

Having trouble?

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Paid Support

If an issue is too difficult to solve over the phone, we will provide direct support for a fair price. Options include remote support via the internet, or in-person in a select area.


We also provide services that will help you get more out of your devices. Ranging from optimizations to make sure your computer is configured properly, to overclocking which will directly improve performance. If you think it’s time for an upgrade, we also will help you plan out the best parts needed to give you the greatest performance benefit!


Threat Removal

We will completely scan your computer for any possible infection, malware, or annoyance and remove it completely using all possible technical methods.


We will analyze your computer usage habits, then show you how you could be more secure. For instance, many people rely on a single password for many sites– if any one of those sites are hacked, your entire internet presence could be compromised without you even knowing! I will show you how to protect yourself without sacrificing ease of use.


Sometimes things go wrong– and today with threats such as ransomware you can never be too careful. I will advise you on how to keep regular, automated, system backups so that if worse comes to worst, you will not be left helpless.

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